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The municipality of Gračanica has a well-organized primary and secondary healthcare. Primary health care is available in a local Healthcare Center, in private clinics and pharmacies, and secondary healthcare at the “Dr. Mustafa Beganović” General Hospital.
According to data from the Health Department of Tuzla Canton, health insurance is used by 43.492 persons in the municipality of Gračanica, out of which 22.233 are health insurance holders for 21.709 members of their families (data from 2006).
Healthcare Center
The Healthcare Center has 4854 square meters of usable space at its disposal. The technical equipment of the institution is of an excellent level. Further, its 14 branch ambulances and 7 family medicine ambulances, 4 in the central building and 3 outside of it – in Lukavica, Mirična and Doborovci (nearby local communities) are active too. The total number of 158 employees is divided into 128 medical and 30 non-medical workers. Among all the health care workers, there are 41 with university degrees, 20 medical specialists, 14 general practice physicians, 3 dentists, a biochemist and 3 trainee doctors, 5 workers with college degrees and 80 workers with secondary education. (data from 2006.). These are the capacities that fully meet the needs of the institutions and users of health services.
According to the development plan of primary health care in the municipality, followed by a period of family medicine development, the local health care institutions will even offer a significantly better service to the users of health services.


Following the acquisition of required personnel, as well as medical-technical and legal requirements, in late March 2000, the Municipal Council of Gračanica made a decision on the establishment of a hospital in Gračanica, which was later named after a famous Gračanica resident – prof. Dr. Mustafa Beganović. The institution offers a specialist-consultative treatment, an emergency medicine, a laboratory, radiological and other diagnostics and medication supplies. The hospital provides inpatient secondary health care to the municipality residents and people from nearby areas, providing help with issues related to internal medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, general surgery and neuropsychiatry, as well as polyclinic and specialist-consultative health care in all specialties. The hospital has 105 hospital beds. The General Hospital departments are situated in the old part of the Health Center building, with total area of 2557 square meters, basement and ground floor and, partly, in a new hemodialysis facility.

The General Hospital employs 141 workers, out of which there are 10 specialists, 7 medical doctors, 5 medical doctor trainees, 3 with School of Applied Healthcare diplomas, 89 nurses/technicians and 27 employees in the administrative technical section (data from 2006).