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Professional Services of the Council

Professional Services of the Council

As a part the Professional Services of the Council following positions are identified:

  • Secretary of Municipal Council, Zehra Mujačić
  • Senior independent adviser for general and administrative activities, Mevlida Naimkadić
  • Independent referent – technical secretary, Esma Hadžibegić

The Professional Service performs professional, administrative and other duties for the Municipal Council and these duties refer to:

  • Making drafts/plans, decisions, regulations and by-laws, whose generation is not under the jurisdiction of other municipal services
  • Consideration of the proposal documents sent to the Council and giving opinions on such documents in terms of their compliance with the Constitution and laws
  • Monitoring of the general regulations executions, as well as the execution of other individual acts within the jurisdiction of the Council
  • Preparing, convening and holding meetings of the Council and its working bodies (commissions and boards)
  • Preparation of  work programs of the Council
  • Editing and publishing of the Gračanica Municipality Official Gazette
  • Storage and archiving of the original regulations documents and other general acts of the Council
  • Performance of protocol tasks for the Council
  • Performance of other tasks for the Council, which are not under the jurisdiction of other agencies